Krumma Films ehf specializes in documentary and factual programming. The company was incorporated in 2007 but has been in operation in Iceland since 2003. Krumma Films in Icelandic means Raven Films but the raven is the wise bird of Iceland. Krumma Films has produced socially important documentaries and interesting factual TV series. Krumma Films has collaborated with Scandinavian, German and US producers and worked on programs for ABC, PBS and programs funded by ITVS. Krumma Films has shot and co-produced projects in Turkey, Lebanon, Rwanda, Kenya, USA, Scandinavia and in many European countries.
Krumma Films has won many awards in Iceland and abroad.

The website produced for is a typical company website and presents some of the work. It is produced in 2 languages, Icelandic and English. There is an online shop, where the company sells DVD’s, connected to paypal.