Northernwave International Film Festival


The Northern Wave International Film Festival was founded in 2007. The festival took place in Grundarfjörður until 2016 and since then it’s taken place every October in Rif in Iceland at the Freezer hostel and theatre.

The philosophy of the festival, upon which its name is based, is Nouvelle Vague, or New Wave. Like Nouvelle Vague, Northern Wave attempts to revive the recognition of film making as an art form and the director as artist/author. An important goal of the festival is to develop relationships between experienced filmmakers and emerging filmmakers in Iceland and other countries. We are a visionary festival that celebrates artistic and ground braking films by filmmakers who dare to take risks.

The festival consists of a short film (all genres) section and, for the first time ever in an Icelandic film festival, a music video section. Bands will be encouraged to attend the festival and support their videos with a concert during the weekend. In this way, the musicians can make contacts with filmmakers and vice versa.

Vefsíðan er fyrst og fremst kynning á hátíðinni og atriðum sem tengjast henni, auk upplýsinga um ferðir og uppihald.

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