Webmom first produced a website to in 2012. The website has been through changes and remakes since then. Profilm was founded in 1990 in Reykjavik, as a film and television production company. Profilm has worked with some of the leading TV stations in the world, including the BBC, Discovery Chanel, MTV, MTV, Canal+, Animal Planet, DR1, TV2, ITV, ZDF and many more.

Profilm has filmed and produced over 40 documentaries and well over a hundred individual television programmes. Profilm has also produced television commercials and corporate videos. Profilm has participated in production of feataure films and is an excellent partner when productions are in need of location management and scouting. Profilm owns one of the most extensive HD libraries of Icelandic nature to be found.

The website is a typical company website, it is rich in videos and pictures. The site is connected to a Facebook newsfeed instead of regular blogging. Profilm is connected to vimeo pro, Facebook and other necessary social media channels., produced by